Brits might have to film themselves taking lateral flow tests when travelling

UK government officials are looking into the possibility of having people record themselves to prove that they have gotten a legitimate lateral flow test.

With the influx of travellers providing fake PCR and flow lateral tests, the UK government has found a new way to make sure travel measures are being respected.

Filmed for verification

Though nothing has been confirmed, British travellers might soon have to record themselves getting flow lateral tests upon returning from holidays when day-two PCR testing for the double-jabbed is scrapped.

Other options that are supposedly being considered by government officials is to either carry out a swab in sea or air terminals or a video consultation where people are watched taking the COVID tests. One source who spoke to the Daily Telegraph has explained that:

You could have a simple mail-order system but the problem is that you have no verification whatsoever. You only have to look at social media to see videos of people faking it.

Lateral flow tests at reasonable prices

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, has said that the potential new testing requirements for those who are fully jabbed would be implemented just in time for October half term:

I know that colleagues over at [the Department for] Health are aware of half-term dates and they'll be working closely with private sector providers.

And added:

I appreciate the urgency and will chivvy this along. I hope we see lateral flows for much more reasonable prices—they are in their very nature, far less expensive, sometimes half the price.

As firms are currently running low on stock, a replenishing of lateral flow tests will be needed if and before the new measures are put in place. The tests will also have to be paid for but are expected to be much cheaper than the super expensive PCR tests that can costs upwards of £100.

Date announced for lateral flow tests for vaccinated travellers Date announced for lateral flow tests for vaccinated travellers