BLM: Man Points Bow and Arrow at Protesters to 'Help' Police at Protest

As more and more protesters flood the streets of major US cities to demand justice for George Floyd, one man decided to take on protesters with... his bow and arrow.

On May 25, 46-year-old African American George Floyd was suffocated to death by a police officer who had arrested him in Minneapolis. Footage of the incident left people around the world shocked and upset, causing many to gather up and demand justice for and/or pay tribute to the gentle giant.

On May 30, a police car purposely ran into a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn, New York, and there've been many more protest-related incidents in the United States. One such incident occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During a protest, a man, who was annoyed that he had to stop his car because of the crowd, threatened protesters with his hunting bow. Of course, this was caught on camera and the video was posted on social media. In another video, that same man can be seen pulling out a machete-style knife.

The man, who was later identified by the police, was disarmed by angry protesters. In an interview with Fox News, the "archer" said he was there to "help" and "defend" law enforcement. His car was reportedly turned over and set on fire by protesters.

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