Italian man posts video of sister who died from Coronavirus

The video was viewed over 120,000 times on Facebook. Luca Franzese, an actor known for his role in “Gomorra,” is seen pleading for help, as his sister has been dead for 24 hours and “nobody is helping them.”

Italian man posts video of sister who died from Coronavirus
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Italian man posts video of sister who died from Coronavirus

Overwhelmed by this tragedy, Neapolitan actor Luca Franzese spoke up on Facebook. The 43-year-old filmed himself in his home, in Naples, a city that is currently quarantined. What he says in the video has shaken up Italians' view of how the coronavirus in being handled their country.

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'My deceased sister is here with me'

Teresa was 47 years old and died from the coronavirus, explains her brother Luca Franzese, heartbroken. Upset by the sudden death of his older sister, the Neapolitan man says that last Saturday, she started to show symptoms of the virus: flu, fever. The family then contacted their doctor, who refused to travel to examine her.

Teresa, who was prone to epileptic seizures, died in her bed, after her brother's failed attempt to revive by performing CPR on her. She died the same day she started to show coronavirus symptoms. For 24 hours, the family stayed under the same roof as her lifeless body, which can only be moved by a funeral service after a coronavirus screening test is performed. Alas, there's a shortage of these tests at the moment.

The wrath of a nation

“My deceased sister is here with me. No one is helping us. We've been abandoned,” repeats Luca Franzese in the video, which you can see at the head of this article. It took several hours for emergency services to test Teresa's body, but they refused to test the rest of the family. Since then, the actor and his family have been wearing masks and have been stuck inside their home in Naples.
"I made this video on Facebook because I really didn't know what to do. I was totally desperate and panicked (...) This is the end. Italy has abandoned us," he explains. Since then, the funeral service has come to retrieve the body and apologized to the family, who "didn't get the chance to pay (Teresa) the respect she deserves." Luca Franzese wanted to warn Italians: “Be very careful. The coronavirus is very dangerous. I invite all Neapolitans to take preventative measures very seriously.”

You can see the shocking video above.

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