All the changes coming to your number plate on March 1st

Get ready to say goodbye to your old number plate. Read on to get the list of changes to your new number plate.

Beginning March 1, automobiles will be registered with a 22 tag rather than a 71 tag to celebrate the start of a new year in the UK. There are a couple more modifications that drivers aren't aware of. Read on to find out.

List of new changes

  1. New number plates will be constructed of a tougher material
  2. Number plates will also be limited to solid black text
  3. Two-tone plates with a 3D or 4D effect are prohibited
  4. Number plates will be more resistant to harm thanks to the improved substance.
  5. These changes will make it easier for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras

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ANPR cameras

According to experts, the modification will make it easier for ANPR cameras to pick up a number plate.

An ANPR camera is a mass surveillance equipment that reads license plates, alerts the police, and prevents criminal activity by performing optical character recognition on pictures. When it comes to safety, his move by the government is welcomed by its citizens.

Three reasons why the new number plates will be a welcome change:

  1. Better security
  2. Prevent car theft
  3. Improve traffic management

Adaptive Recognition, a ANPR camera manufacturer, further explains its function:

ANPR cameras are the most advanced cameras in the market. They can perform various functions, like reading number plates and identifying the make and model of cars regardless of how fast or slow their speed is.
Sometimes, manufacturers calibrate these cameras only to count cars to predict traffic jams and control the traffic flow.
Is your car one of the most frequently stolen cars in the UK? Is your car one of the most frequently stolen cars in the UK?