This Money Heist Star Is Sick Of Receiving Nudes From His Followers

Adored in the public eye thanks to his role in the series Money Heist and Elite, Jaime Lorente, currently in a relationship with an actress also from these two shows, says he is tired of receiving nudes from his followers.

A year ago, nobody, or almost nobody, knew who Jaime Lorente was. Since his roles in La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist in English, and Elite, his Instagram account has blown up to 5.1 million followers. But this rising reputation is sometimes difficult for him to deal with. Loved by his followers, some people overstep their limits beyond belief and go to extreme lengths to get his attention.

His girlfriend isn't handling it well

The actor told Spanish magazine Shangay that he very regularly receives very intimate photos from his fans, both male and female.

‘I’ve received photos of naked people, touching themselves, doing things to themselves. I’ve seen it all, women, men and vice versa. I talked to a friend about it and they told me that I was lucky,’ he explained, adding that situation has been getting more and more difficult for his girlfriend over the months.

‘I could have laughed about it at one point, but I feel really violated and my private life has taken a hit. Especially my mental health, my personal life and my girlfriend’s as well who really doesn’t want me to receive photos like this anymore,’ he confesses, since he is in a relationship with Maria Pedraza who is also an actress in the two series.

Of course, not all of his followers are exhibitionists, some just send messages of love and encouragement.

‘There are people who send some really cute messages in a private chat, telling me nice stories and explain how I, in a bit of a weird way, can brighten up their day.’ So, who wants to take his place instead?

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