Money Heist Confirms This Character Will Be Making A Shock Return

Since its release, the series Money Heist has been a worldwide success. Netflix users binged on both seasons in one go. If you haven't seen the end of season 2, watch out for spoilers!

The Hispanic series Money Heist, which features a group of robbers, has been renewed for season 3. If we were sure to see the main characters such as the Professor or Tokyo, we were sure that one of them would not come back.

The return of Berlin

No, you're not dreaming, Berlin is back in the series. Rumors say that Pedro Alonso - the actor who plays Berlin - will be present in season 3, which is now confirmed! He was spotted on the set in Florence alongside Alvaro Morte - the Professor-.

To confirm these rumours, the official account for Money Heist tweeted a photo of the two actors: "There are pictures of us everywhere. It would be better if the SWAT team and the police didn't know too much. We ask that next time, you please give us more discretion."

The question that is on all fans' mind is: "How will Berlin make a comeback?" Because hey, in the last season he sacrificed himself to save everyone and, frankly, with all the bullets he took, it would be near impossible to bring him back to life.

Flashback scenes

No resurrection for Berlin, but flashback scenes that will feature the character before the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. Sequences that can surely explain the relationship between Berlin and the Professor, and how the Professor managed to organize the greatest heist of the century.

All that's left now is to wait until the release of season 3 on Netflix, scheduled for 2019!

Check out the video above for more on season 3 of Money Heist!

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