These Ladies Have Found A Very Shrewd Way To Promote Their Bikini Brand...

To give sales a boost at their swimwear company, three best friends came up with a very shrewd solution using Instagram and some well-positioned yoga. Hello summer.

Ashley Gaffoglio-Ricardo, ex-estate agent, escaped the nine to five so that she could realise her dream: launching her own bikini brand. As the New York Post reports, the young woman of 28 soon found a reliable way to turn The Bikini Block into a profitable business. She drafted in two of her best friends and harnessed the power of social media.

Advanced yoga, enhanced sales

Ashley began to post pictures of herself, along with her best friends, Salila Thuy and Naya Rappaport, wearing her bikinis. Slowly but surely, she and her athletic associates began to branch out into the world of advanced yoga, earning themselves hundreds more likes in the process. They started to photograph and record themselves mid-routine, all while making sure to implement their shrewd product placement tactic, and the results speak for themselves. Ms. Gaffoglio-Ricardo’s personal Instagram account now boasts more than 24,000 followers and counting.

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Check out the video above to see some of the ladies' impressive marketing strategy... 

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