What Happens When A Taï Chi Master Goes Up Against An MMA Fighter

What Happens When A Taï Chi Master Goes Up Against An MMA Fighter

This video has everything. A Taï Chi master, an MMA fighter and a 5,000 dollar bet to see who was the best.

A Taï Chi master decided to try his luck against an MMA fighter and it ended quite badly for one of them.

Taï Chi, a martial art that promotes a healthy lifestyle

Taï Chi is a Chinese martial art which is practised for discipline, self-defence and because of its health advantages. Although it was initially created as a martial art, nowadays it is usually practised for a number of other reasons including competitive ‘pushing hands’ fighting style (tui shou), demonstration competitions and even to increase your life expectancy to name just a few.

Is Taï Chi effective in a fight?

As a consequence, there are lots of different ways to practice this sport, but the most well-known are practiced with relatively slow movements. Mixed martial arts are contact sports that include hitting and fighting both standing up and on the floor, by using techniques from other martial art combat sports.

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The most common types of martial arts that are used by professional MMA fighters are muay thai, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, boxing, karate, taekwondo and judo with the best fighters using a combination of techniques in order to inflict the most damage.

With this in mind, this fight should never have happened. After a respectful handshake, the two got into their starting positions and it only took 7 seconds before the fight was won by the true master. Quick and easy.

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