Tyson Fury Apparently Used To Phone Anthony Joshua And Tell Him He Was Going To Knock Him Out!

Anthony Joshua has recently revealed something rather juicy that involves Tyson Fury. It seems the ‘Gypsy King’ isn’t like your average fighter…

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have very different backgrounds. When AJ was winning the gold in the heavy weight division at the Olympic Games in London 2012 at just 22 years old, Fury was competing for an intercontinental belt and already had 18 wins to boast about.

Their paths slightly crossed when the two British fighters both got to the World Top 3 along with a certain Deontay Wilder. Although the ‘Gypsy King’’s depression prevented the two men from ever going up against one another at the time, we have always dreamt of seeing them go at it on their own territory to determine who is the best.

The Gypsy King’s prank

But while we wait for that to happen, Tyson Fury will be going up against Otto Wallin to sharpen his technique before his much-awaited rematch against Deontay Wilder, while Anthony Joshua has been preparing like hell for the most important fight of his career, his rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.

AJ made the most of an interview with Sky Sports to reveal something rather juicy about his compatriot and rival. Apparently, Tyson Fury made a habit of calling him up to tease and provoke him…

‘He’s an interesting character. Tyson will call me randomly on the phone and he will be like, ‘have a little laugh and I will have a little laugh.’ Then I will say I’m going to knock you out, then he will say ‘shut up, I’ll knock you out.’ That’s just me and Tyson, through and through the respect’s there but we’re fighting men. Not friends, but there’s a mutual respect there, I respect the man, he’s done his thing. He’s a fighting man he started at the age of 12, I started at the age of 18, I didn’t do nothing else before.’

Although Tyson Fury recently revealed that he never thought his fight against Joshua would happen due to fear of the young British guy’s following and Eddie Hearn, his promoter, we still hope to see them go up against each other in the ring at some point. With their very different fighting styles, it would surely be an epic battle!

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