MMA Fighter Attempts To Take On 12 Security Guards In Las Vegas Casino

MMA Fighter Attempts To Take On 12 Security Guards In Las Vegas Casino

After trying to get into an Australian Casino that he was banned from, MMA fighter Hany Sbat found himself in a bit of trouble with security. 

MMA fighters are known for their ruthless attitudes, insane strength and their speedy agile abilities to take down their opponents. So when Hany Sbat decided to take on 12 security guards, it was always going to end badly for someone. 

Not taking no for an answer 

The 25 year old amateur MMA fighter from Lebanon was caught on CCTV punching and pushing the security guards at Melbourne's Crown Entertainment complex, in January 2015. This altercation came about as Sbat, who was already banned from the casino, tried to gain entry. Upon being refused, Hany Sbat decided to respond with aggression.

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12 vs 1 = 1 Outcome

Furious at being denied entry, Sbat hit out at one of the guards, provoking 12 others to join the fight in defence. After shaking off the first round of guards, and breaking one unlucky recipient's nose, the MMA fighter was tackled to the ground and apprehended.

After appearing in court Hany Sbat pleaded guilty to unlawful assault and recklessly causing injury. He was fined 2500 AUD (about £1,400) for his actions.

• Stacey Williams
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