His Classmates Tried To Bully Him... But He Knows Jiu Jitsu!

A bully starts squaring up to his classmate. But he certainly did not expect his reaction...

His Classmates Tried To Bully Him... But He Knows Jiu Jitsu!
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Not many teenagers like going to school very much. But school is not only a place of learning, it's also the place where we learn valuable social skills. Unfortunately, there are always bullying in schools - whether for religious reasons, or because of a wrong hairstyle or the wrong clothes.

This Brazilian student named Isaiah was the victim of one such intimidation attempt. A classmate comes up to him and insults and provokes the boy. More and more students come and film the argument. Isaiah does not want to fight and stays calm, but he is surrounded by more and more students and finally his opponent starts a fight.

But he quickly regretted it, because Isaiah can Jiu-Jitsu and with a few routine moves, he wipes the floor with his bully - who is so stunned that he can't even dodge the blows. Well, he probably chose the wrong victim. Suddenly, the watching students have a lot of respect for their classmate and share the video to fight against bullying and advocate self-defense.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!