A KO Punch Smashed This Rizin Fighter's Jaw (VIDEO)

Ulka Sasaki lost in the first round at Rizin 19. A medical decision was made to stop the fight due to the Japanese fighter's jaw which was completely broken.

Rizin 19

Rizin 19 took place at the Edion Arena in Osaka. It was an evening full of action, since no main card fight was completed, including the main event, where Jiří Procházka disposed of veteran Fabio Maldonado in only 58 seconds.

In the co-main event, Japan's Ulka Sasaki, a former UFC member, was defeated in the first round by his compatriot Kai Asakura. The fight was stopped due to a medical decision because of Sasaki's broken jaw. A judicious choice in view of the MRI of Sasaki's jaw, which could be seen a few hours after the fight. The photo reminds us of the many risks of combat sports, as well as the courage of the athletes who enter the ring.

Ulka Sasaki was successfully operated and he is now enjoying a well-deserved rest, before thinking about what comes next and a return to action.

Check out the video above to see the fight.

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