Porsche: Luxury Car Maker Unveils Their New Yacht

The brand synonymous with the word luxury in the automobile world, Porsche, has decided to try their hand at designing yachts. Spoiler: it’s as beautiful as you would have expected.

Porsche Unveiled Their New Yacht And Yes, It's Beautiful
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Porsche has been around for ages and has mastered the balance between sporty, understated, and elegant. Porsche has taken these same values and decided to enter the luxury market.

Luxury yacht builder Dynamiq and Porsche decided to collaborate for the most recent Monaco Yacht Show this year and it was there that they unveiled the GT 115 hybrid superyacht. Coming equipped with enough cabins to house 12 people in style, 7 foot ceilings, a spa pool, and everything else you’d expect from a yacht costing a total of 12 million pounds.

Start saving your pocket change now everyone, but don’t wait too long – only 7 of these will ever be produced.