These Were The Most Stunning Cosplayers At The ColossalCon 2019 Pool Party

The cosplayers decided to celebrate summer with a huge pool party at ColossalCon 2019. Once again the event allowed us to admire some of the most beautiful cosplays in the world.


Have you heard of ColossalCon? This huge event brings together all the best cosplayers on the planet for a convention on the art of costumes, culminating with a huge pool party where everyone shows off their best cosplay.

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The advantage of this pool party is that the cosplayers are obliged to adapt their costumes so that they can go in the water. This gives us results that are sometimes very nice and that are out of the ordinary compared to the original. We’ll let you take a look behind the scenes at ColossalCon 2019 in the video above.

Why Is This Picture Going Viral? Why Is This Picture Going Viral?