This Gamer Is Making A Fortune From Selling Her Bath Water

The social media site Instagram is always surprising us. At the beginning of July, the gamer girl Belle Delphine gave her subscribers – mainly her male subscribers – the opportunity to buy some of her bath water. And the result? Belle Delphine sold out. Welcome to the 21st century!

Gamer girl
© Instagram @belle.delphine
Gamer girl

Influencers are always doing crazy things and that doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. A few days ago, Belle Delphine – who is known for her sexy photos that are erotic in nature – gave her subscribers an insane, yet very original opportunity.

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As a great business woman with 3.9 million subscribers, she decided to test their loyalty to her and see if they were willing to buy jars full of her bath water, collected from baths in which she may have ‘had fun’. On her Instagram post, she posted the link to her online shop where she is selling these jars for 30 dollars. A good business idea, don’t you think?

Result? She sold out in just 3 days!

You could say that Belle Delphine broke new ground in trying to sell this type of products. One thing is for sure, the young gamer girl really does understand the meaning of the phrase ‘business is business’ and apparently, Instagram has no limits. Since she ran out of stocks, Belle Delphine was anxious to reassure her subscribers. She is looking forward to taking more baths so she can fill up more of those containers. Phew. Although selling these jars might seem completely bizarre, it is a reflection of a part of the world today where gamer girls are always shocking people and going further and further to do so.

The latest to date? The influencers that went to the nuclear power station site Tchernobyl to take photos of themselves in protective clothing. Or what about the couple of influencers that asked their followers to finance their international bike road trip.

But, who’s next?

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