These Priests Crop Dusted A City In Russia With Holy Water

Russian priests flew into the sky with 70 litres of holy water.

Priests Just Air-Bombed A City In Russia With Sacred Water
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Priests Just Air-Bombed A City In Russia With Sacred Water

Priests thought it would be a good idea to stop citizens from partying by covering Tver, a Russian city, with holy water. Will their actions end debauchery? Probably not, but the country has tried to slow down its citizens’ love for vodka and partying.

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Some stats from the World Health Organization reveal that preventing gas stations from selling alcohol has dramatically lowered the populations' thirst for liquor.

However, the priests, seemingly, wanted to take matters into their own hands (or God’s hands) and stop Russia’s drinking problem by crop dusting Tver with buckets and buckets of water via a shaky plane.

Ever since 2006, priests from Tver have flown into the sky on Sobriety Day—an unofficial holiday in Russia—to pray over the people participating in partying, drinking, and those having sex before tying the knot. Did the lack of results prompt them to add holy water into the mix this year?

It’s unlikely that this holy-water, air-bombing endeavour will sway Russians from ending their undeniable love with vodka, but you never know! Or perhaps the priests should travel to Irkutsk, Siberia.

In 2016, 74 people from Irkutsk, Siberia died from drinking bath lotion. They were under the impression that it contained drinking ethanol, but the bottles of scented lotion actually contained methanol.

What do the priests have to say about this entire air-bombing scenario? And how seriously do they believe that dropping holy liquid on Tver will actually benefit the city? Take a look at our video above for more information.

Source: Vice

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