It May Look Like An Alien Planet, But This Incredible Island Is On Earth

Our planet is full of surprises. Here's one more. Socotra Island in the Indian Ocean is one of a kind.

Socotra Island, Yemen
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Socotra Island, Yemen

There is an infinity of sublime places to discover on Earth. Beaches, mountains, monuments, temples...the list is long! Today, we'll talk about a sublime island in the Indian Ocean, Socotra.

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A most diverse ecosystem

What makes it so special is its rich and strange biodiversity. The island has been isolated from the rest of the world for about six million years and is home to many rare species that aren't present anywhere else on the globe. One in three species is unique to this island, 350 kilometres from the coast of Yemen.

Trees are also a big deal

One of the most famous trees is called the Socotra dragon tree, or just the dragon tree, which produces a red resin-like dragon's blood. There's also the cucumber tree.

A protected fauna and flora

With all these special features, the island of Socotra has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 2008. The island is home to more than 600 tiny villages that are sometimes composed of only a few houses. It would be great to take a tour of this island and discover all the riches it contains.

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