Nurse warns public after testing positive for COVID following first jab

Two NHS workers have recently tested positive for coronavirus following their first vaccine doses. Warning the public that immunity takes time.

Nurse Warns Public After Testing Positive for COVID Following First Jab
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Nurse Warns Public After Testing Positive for COVID Following First Jab

Two NHS workers have stepped forward to warn the public after they tested positive for coronavirus despite taking their first vaccine.

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‘It takes time to build immunity’

One nurse who wished to stay anonymous recently spoke to the Liverpool ECHO, stating that they contracted coronavirus just three days after receiving their first jab. However, they explained that this doesn’t mean the vaccine didn’t work but rather that the effects aren’t instant and it takes time to build immunity:

It’s important we get the vaccine, but we need to remember it takes time to build immunity, and that one vaccination doesn’t stop you getting the virus.

A GP receptionist also revealed that she also caught COVID almost three weeks after her first vaccine, revealing she ‘naively thought she was safe.’

I got [the first vaccine] on December 16, and I tested positive on January 4. They do say that the vaccine helps prevent serious illness, so either it was too soon after the vaccine or I could have been much worse. I think it’s made clearer now, but at the time I naively thought I was safe. Don’t get me wrong, I was still taking all the precautions but I was really shocked when I got Covid.

Both workers were employed by Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust. Trust director Terry Hankin has now released a statement to the public, warning everyone that vaccinated or not, it’s still best to follow all safety precautions:

The vaccine can take up to three weeks after the first jab to offer any protection against the virus, so it is vital people continue to do everything they can to minimise the spread of the virus.

How long do vaccines take to work?

Coronavirus vaccines do not work instantly but the time it takes to work often depends on which vaccine you take. Two dose vaccines such as that of Pfizer and Moderna are understood to take about three weeks for the first dose to work. That means that if you came into contact with the virus just prior or just after receiving the vaccine, you could still get sick.

But even after three weeks those who have taken their first vaccine still need to proceed with caution. mRNA or double dose COVID vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna boast a near 95% efficacy rate. Although, that rate is dependent on the subject receiving both jabs. According to information provided to the FDA by Pfizer, only taking one dose of the vaccine results in just a 52.4% efficacy rating. Just one dose of the Moderna vaccine, on the other hand, has shown to be 80.2% effective.

This week, England’s deputy chief medical officer also announced that those who have been vaccinated can still pass the virus on to others. So, vaccinated or otherwise, it is still important to do all you can to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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