Pearly penile papules: Should you be worried about these lumps on your member?

Have you noticed these tiny little pearly-coloured bumps along the head of your penis? Here's everything you need to know about pearly penile papules.

Pearly penile papules: Should you be worried?
Pearly penile papules: Should you be worried?

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, colours and particularities. Some curve to the right, others are stubby, and some people with penises have even reported tiny dome-shaped bumps alongside the head of their member. But what exactly are they?

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Pearly penile papules

First thing you should know is that they are normal, harmless and should not be a cause for concern. They are called pearly penile papules, and they are almost always located on the sulcus or corona of the glans penis, arranged along the circumference of the penis' head in one or several rows.

According to some reports, anywhere between eight and 43% of men have PPP and those with uncircumcised penises tend to have it more. These tiny bumps have also been reported to diminish in appearance the older you get.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about these little lumps is that they are not an indication of lack of hygiene, nor are they considered a sexually transmitted infection. Instead, they are what is called an anatomic variant (much like freckles). They are also not contagious, contrary to genital warts.

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Can they be removed?

In short, yes they can, but you probably shouldn't as more harm than good can come out of the procedure. To remove these lumps, carbon dioxide laser vaporisation or electrosurgery is often used as the most effective solution. However, this can very likely be replaced by scarring that could, in turn, only make you more self-conscious about the way your penis looks.

If you suspect the lumps on your penis might be due to something else, your best bet is to consult a medical professional to get the most accurate diagnosis.

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