Pubic hair: Why are pubic hairs curly?

We all have at least this thing in common—pubic hair. And strangely enough, all pubic hair seems to be curly or at least frizzy. Let's find out why!

This is why pubic hair is curly
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This is why pubic hair is curly

Like everything else in our body, there is a reason behind why our hair down there looks and feels the way it does. Some experts say that it is because of the shape of the follicle—the flatter it is, the curlier the hair is.

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However, there are two main reasons why pubic hair has such a distinctive texture and shape: to protect our private area and retain pheromones.


As you definitely know, pubic hair is coarse, thick, and can grow to be longer than the rest of our body hair. That is because its main function is to keep this sensitive and special area safe from harm. For example, the hair can prevent friction during sexual intercourse and also protects the skin from developing lesions and potential STIs. But be warned, just because you let your bush grow, doesn’t mean you forgo using a condom.

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The pubic hair is also used to retain the not-so fragrant, but very natural odour that comes from our most intimate body part. But not only that…

Did you know that historically, the hair was actually used to retain pheromones?

Pheromonesarea chemical substance produced by the body that increases the level of sexual attraction between two people. Back then, we used to walk around with little to no clothing on our bodies, and so these chemicals were collected by our pubic hair.

Nowadays, the need for such hairy protection is futile given that we wear a full set of clothes every day. The human brain has also evolved since then and our olfactory abilities have decreased, hence the effect of pheromones are less noticeable.

In the modern age, many choose to trim or completely shave off their bushes. But remember, the decision to keep it clean, hairy, or properly groomed should always be a personal decision that one makes only for themselves.

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