New covid symptoms could be rashes on your hands and feet

A new COVID symptom is discovered every month. The latest? Rashes on the hands, feet, and even tongue.

Covid Hands
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Covid Hands

Loss of taste and smell, exhaustion, breathing difficulties... There are many manifestations to a COVID-19 infection.

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New symptoms are raising the curiosity of the scientific community: strange lesions are showing up on the hands or feet of infected patients, as specified in a study unveiled on January 26, 2021, and available in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Affected hands and feet

In Spain, the scientists behind this study looked at 666 patients positive for the coronavirus and suffering from mild to moderate pneumonia.

In addition to the known loss of taste, 40% of them showed skin symptoms such as burning sensations, or eruptions of redness, lesions, or even 'small bumps' on the palms of the hands, or on the soles.

In all, one in ten patients suffered from a rash.

This is not the only study to have made the connection between coronavirus and skin problems: last April, doctors were already warning about the possibility of encountering rashes in patients with the coronavirus.

The tongue, a very sensitive organ

This new study therefore reinforces the observations made by epidemiologist Tim Spector, who put the spotlight on the phenomenon called 'covid tongue—' when the organ shows wounds, burns, or a change in colour.

It's worth noting that a tongue which is abnormally swollen, or with unusual lesions, could be a symptom of the coronavirus.

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