'Lockdown feet' is the new symptom resulting from confinement

A new symptom of being under lockdown has come forth as many people have reported experiencing what is now being called 'lockdown feet.'

'Lockdown feet' is the new symptom resulting from confinement
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'Lockdown feet' is the new symptom resulting from confinement

Adding to what seems like the never-ending ripple effect of consequences that have come about since the coronavirus pandemic, many are reporting unusual pain in the arch or heel of their foot in what is being called 'lockdown feet.'

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Too much comfort could lead to pain

Medics explain that this is a result of not wearing supportive enough footwear in lieu of lockdown restrictions leading many to opt for more comfy and floppy soles, such as slippers. The College of Podiatry says that wearing cozy but ill-supporting slippers at home all day can generate what is medically known was plantar fasciitis. Emma McConnachie, a spokesperson for the foot health specialists explained:

The ligaments in the foot can stretch out, arches are unsupported and putting on anything with a heel becomes painful. If your feet go unsupported, they can start to feel the strain. Wearing floppy slippers all the time eventually takes its toll.

And added:

Many patients are ­struggling with foot issues and are trying to fix the problems themselves. They assume we are closed, but podiatrists are very much open and there to help.

What is the pain like?

According to the NHS, the following are indicators to help you determine if the pain you experience is in fact plantar fasciitis:

  • Pain that is much worse when you start walking after sleeping or resting
  • Pain that feels better during exercise, but returns after resting
  • Difficulty raising your toes off the floor

Another cause of this condition that is also being linked to the effects of being under lockdown is if you have recently started working out on a hard surface not designed for exercise (we're looking at you, home workouts!). This only intensifies if you are working out with the proper stretching at the end of your workout or if you are wearing ill-fitting shoes.

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