Coronavirus: Rashes, Hives, Lesions… the Newly Confirmed Symptoms to Look Out For

European medical professionals have just confirmed the link between specific skin manifestions and the coronavirus. Which ones should you be looking out for? Read on to find out.

Skin irritations
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Skin irritations

It's official - a new symptom of COVID-19 has been confirmed after being closely observed by researchers. According to the European National Union of Dermatologist-Venologists in France, skin lesions could have a direct link with the dreaded coronavirus.

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To date, approximately 400 medical professionals have reportedly made a direct link between skin problems and COVID-19.

One question arises: what kind of skin irritations should we look out for?

The manifestations vary greatly in appearance and complexity: they can sometimes resemble frostbite of the extremities, but also the appearance of patches or irritating redness. Hives are likely to be related to COVID-19 and should be closely monitored. In short, any kind of seemingly spontaneous skin irritation could prove to be a marker of the coronavirus.

As is the case in any situation like this, it's imperative to consult a specialist when these types of skin redness and inflammation persist. Only a medical professional can make the distinction between a garden variety rash and one indicative of the coronavirus.

According to a press release from the National Union of Dermatologist-Venologists:

It is important for patients with these types of skin problems to consult a dermatologist (via teleconsultation or other) to ensure that they are associated with a COVID-19 related syndrome.

More information to come...

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