Mother Who Was Clinically Dead Gave Birth to Her Baby but Then Doctors Witnessed a Miracle

A mother gave birth to her baby via C-section but unfortunately, the mother’s heart then stopped beating. Doctors declared her clinically dead and luckily, the baby was fine. Then her husband came to say his final goodbyes.

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Just a few months ago, little Christmas miracle Matthew was making headlines and now, we have a new sensation to report on. This time, about an extremely critical and delicate birth.

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Clinically dead

According to Life Site, Melanie Pritchard was taken to hospital when she went into labour. Her husband Doug went with her and after they arrived, she told him she was feeling dizzy. Doctors didn’t know what was going on with Melanie and they repositioned her, hoping that would help. But suddenly, Melanie slumped to her side and stopped breathing.

The doctors reacted quickly and took her to the operating room where the baby was born alive and well via a C-section. But after Melanie hadn’t shown any sign of life for ten minutes, she was declared clinically dead.

A miracle

Her husband Doug was brought in to say his final goodbyes to his wife. Amniotic fluid had apparently got into her bloodstream from her womb which had caused a cardiac arrest. Doctors were unable to do anything to help the young mother.

Doug whispered in her ear, ‘I love you. If you have any fight left, then fight…’ And then something incredible happened. Melanie started breathing again and when she woke up, she asked about her baby. A true miracle! The mother was allowed to leave the hospital with her daughter just a few days later.

There are hundreds of interesting stories from people who have been declared clinically dead about their experiences, but Melanie Pritchard’s story is just that little bit more special and unique.

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