This Is the Method Used by Thousands of Thieves to Steal Your Wallet at the Supermarket

They act in groups so you don't suspect them. Their modus operandi is measured in detail. In just a few seconds, they can steal everything without you noticing a thing.

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The footage of this theft was posted on Mexican social networks, but the technique is universal. It is a fairly common way of stealing wallets.

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The process is perfectly rehearsed. It usually happens in supermarkets or large stores. Once the 'victim' is identified, the thieves fake a small scene in which the victim is forced to lend a hand - for example, to help move a car or help someone with a heavy object.

At that moment, they take advantage to steal everything. As though it were a choreographed dance and before the victim realizes it, the booty has been distributed so that they can't be caught.

This footage has been shared to warn the general population. Good advice is to try to keep your wallet or your belongings in general in backpacks and closed bags, and do not lose sight of them.

Hit the play button to see these thieves caught on camera.

Beware Of This Scam Being Used To Steal Your Money At ATMs Beware Of This Scam Being Used To Steal Your Money At ATMs