French nurse suspended after giving false certificates to unvaccinated people

A nurse working in a vaccination centre in Paris has been accused of trafficking QR codes that are given to people upon vaccination.

Fake COVID Certifications
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Fake COVID Certifications

France Inter has revealed that a nurse from Le Groupe Hospitalier Universitaire (GHU) in Paris has been suspended for selling false vaccination certificates and QR codes to unvaccinated people.

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Raising suspicion

The nurse has been working in their COVIDvaccination centre in a temporary position since January, but a recent and sudden change in behaviour made the staff suspicious of her activity. A staff member, and colleague, of the accused nurse told France Inter:

She made them come to her cubicle, she made her colleague go out, she did not vaccinate people and she was paid so that people could have a QR code, a priority to be able to go abroad.

Authorities are also suspecting an interim secretary to be in on the ploy, and they have been asked to leave the post as well.

Fake certificates

In May, the nurse reportedly began registering appointments that only she wanted to take care of herself. She then pretended to administer the jab on to these individuals, without anyone else in the room, and provided them with the fake vaccinecertificates. Although all her colleagues were beginning to get apprehensive about her behaviour, it was a doctor who finally caught her red-handed. France Inter’s source said:

Normally, the skin of the people to be vaccinated is disinfected with an orange product. The doctor wanted to check if the people had been vaccinated and there was no trace of disinfectant: no dye, no bandage. She was caught red-handed.
It was a shock.... And it poses a public health problem because people who have obtained a false certificate of vaccination are at risk... and they put others at risk.

GHU has maintained that this was an isolated activity and the group managed to put an end to it as soon as they discovered what was going on. They stated:

The individual's actions were quickly identified and once the necessary evidence was gathered, they were stopped within 24 hours.
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