Novak Djokovic: Unvaccinated tennis star is developing a COVID-19 cure

The crushing deportation of Novak Djokovic right before the Grand Slam in Australia has led him to reveal his recent works in developing a cure for COVID.

Anti-vaxxer Djokovic is developing COVID-19 cure
Anti-vaxxer Djokovic is developing COVID-19 cure

Just days after deportation from Australian soil, Novak Djokovic, 34, is back with some banging news after missing out on an opportunity to defend his championship title in the 21st Australian Open.

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The Serbian tennis pro is the 80% stakeholder of the biotech firm called QuantBioRes, which is currently developing a cure for COVID which doesn't involve vaccination.

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Treatment, not a vaccine

QuantBioRes is a Danish biotech firm, which is on its way to developing an effective cure for COVID without any need to vaccinate. The firm is developing a 'treatment and not a vaccine,' confirmed CEO of QuantBioRes, Ivan Loncarevic.

The business is working on a peptide that prevents the coronavirus from infecting human cells, and clinical trials are expected to begin this summer in the United Kingdom.

According to Loncarevic, QuantBioRes has roughly 11 researchers working in Denmark, Australia, and Slovenia. As per the company's website, work on the 'deactivation mechanism' for COVID began in July 2020.

Djokovic, 'not anti-vax'

Previously, Djokovic obtained a medical exemption allowing him to enter Australia without being vaccinated. Eventually, Djokovic's visa was revoked, on the notion that 'no one is above the law,' crushing his hopes of winning the 21st Grand Slam.

During a Facebook live, Djokovic earlier stated that he 'wouldn't want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine' in order to travel or compete in tournaments. But the CEO of QuantBioRes, confirmed that the tennis pro is 'not anti-vax' after all, reported the Financial Times.

Djokovic added:

Curious about wellbeing and how we can empower our metabolism to be in the best shape to defend against imposters like Covid-19.

The tennis star would also have to sit out the French Open to take place in May, as 'all athletes will have to be vaccinated' announced the government on Monday.

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