Doctor reveals the average penis size might be smaller than you think

One doctor has taken to TikTok to answer man’s most burning question - how long is the average penis?

Doctor Reveals the Real Average Penis Size
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Doctor Reveals the Real Average Penis Size

We’ve all heard the rumour that the average size of a man’s memberis about 6 inches, but is this even true? TikTok legend Dick Doc has the answers.

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Let’s not lie, at one stage in their life, every man has whipped out the measuring tape and sized up their wiener to figure out if they landed on the more ‘gifted’ end of the spectrum. But before you endure a flashback to that disappointing moment, we have good news; the average penis size is smaller than you think.

The average penis is about five inches long

Dr Zimmerman, an aesthetic surgeon and TikTok extraordinaire - also lovingly referred to as Dick Doc - has taken to the platform to clear up some ideas about the penis size, revealing that when erect, the average wang is about five inches long.

And, interestingly enough, the average penis at its widest circumference is about 4 3/4 to 5.1 inches around.

Dic Dock went on to further debunk myths of the male manhood, revealing that a man’s ‘size’ can’t really be determined by ‘exterior presentation’ - sorry to all the men out there with big feet.

I can speak to the fact that the exterior presentation of a gentleman has very little to do with what you'll find under the belt. Sometimes it's quite humbling and quite surprising.

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Did you know your penis shrinks with age?

If you’re currently peaking down your trousers to see just where you stack up, take a good look, as Dr Zimmerman also added that your member is likely to shrink with age. He explained to BuzzFeed:

Penises shrink with age - just like how you lose volume in your face and neck. Down below, you'll lose girth, and you'll also lose length if you're rarely using it. It truly is a use-it-or-lose-it type of deal.

So, if you want to keep your penis in its prime, then you best get to using it!

We now know the penis can shrink, but can it also grow? Dr Zimmerman continued that there’s really no safe way to grow penises permanently, but you can do some exercises to make them temporarily bigger:

To get length, you can do something called jelqing (penis-stretching exercises), or you can use penis pumps to give you a temporary elongation, but it's like going to the gym. Once you stop going, things pretty much go back to the way they would have been if you'd never done it.
Penis: Doctor reveals how to guess the size without looking Penis: Doctor reveals how to guess the size without looking