COVID: Where are face masks mandatory as of today?

Face masks have become mandatory in England from today and everyone will have to follow these guidelines for the next few weeks.

Where do you need to wear face masks?
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Where do you need to wear face masks?

As part of the government's Plan B to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, people in England are now required to wear face masks and will soon be needed to present a COVID pass in more locations. Boris Johnson announced the revisions in Downing Street and believes that tightening limits is the proportionate and responsible thing to do given the worrying data on the new Omicron variant.

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More people will be working from home in these new guidelines from Plan B that will be implemented from December 10. Further, face masks would yet again become a part of daily life in England and COVID passes would actively be used as proof of vaccination.

Wear face masks here

From Friday, December 10th, 00.01, mandatory facial coverings will be required in most public indoor venues, such as movies and theatres. After Omicron was discovered in the UK, they were already brought in for retail and public transportation. The PM said:

There will, of course, be exemptions where it is not practical, such as when eating, drinking, exercising or singing.

However, the following are the list of places where face masks are mandatory:

  • Shops and supermarket
  • Shopping centres and indoor markets
  • Community centres, public libraries, social clubs
  • Places of worship, crematoriums and burial grounds
  • Places of attractions and entertainment venues
  • Public areas in hotels, hostels and indoor areas of sport stadiums
  • Post offices, banks, travel offices and auction houses
  • Pharmacies, retail galleries, premises providing veterinary services
  • Public transport and transport hubs

You need COVID passes here

Specific venues and events may soon need proof of two doses of COVID vaccination or a negative lateral flow test within the last 48 hours. The NHS App, NHS website, or a text, email, or paper letter obtained online or by calling 119 can all be used to provide proof of full vaccination or a negative test.

The guidelines apply to everyone over the age of 18, with individuals who have not been vaccinated being able to present documentation of a negative test instead. Even if they are qualified or have had two doses of a vaccine, those under the age of 18 are excluded. This is the list of places where COVID passes will be required from December 15:

  • Nightclubs and late-night open venues (open between 1am-5am)
  • Venues that serve alcohol and has a dance floor and live music
  • Indoor events with 500 or more people where they have to stand
  • Outdoor events with 4000 or more seated people
  • Any event with more than 10,000 people, such as sports or music events
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