Boy With No Legs Ends Scrap In Spectacular Fashion

Just when you think you've seen it all, the internet provides something new. What would you do if a guy who squared up to you proceeded to take off his legs?

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Street fights are not necessarily something to be praised, especially when they take place between two teenagers. However, in this case the fight wasn't serious, but rather constituted a beautiful victory for a young man who had both his legs amputated.

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The video was noticed after being sent to UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis’ Instagram account. There are two teenagers, one of whom has both legs amputated, and he is forced to remove his prosthetics early in the fight.

Against all odds, the outcome of the fight turns in favour of the disabled young man, who manages to bring the fight to the ground. After a few well-placed blows from the young double amputee, the pair thankfully ended up stopping their fight.

This is a reminder that MMA is all about skill- and it's often the person we might perceive to be the underdog who emerges victorious...

Filmed In HD, This Street Brawl Had A Shocking Ending Filmed In HD, This Street Brawl Had A Shocking Ending