Dog gets stoned after eating faeces of drug user

This dog started acting really strange after her regular walk to the park. Turns out she had eaten something she really shouldn't have...

Dog eats poo
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Dog eats poo

No matter how repulsive something smells, chances are your dog will swallow it without thinking twice.

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This two-year-old pup also feasted on a rather nasty find when she was being walked in the park, and the aftermath was horrendous.

Walk gone wrong

Beth Harris was taking her dog, Luna, on a quiet stroll through Goldsworth Park in Surrey when things took a turn for the worse. Luna started acting strange after she gobbled up something she found under a bush. Harris told Daily Star:

Her eyes were glazed over.

She was barely able to walk. My client even said Luna was not looking right so I took her straight to the vets. They immediately asked if she had eaten anything toxic.

Unfortunately, Harris wasn’t able to get a glimpse at what Luna had eaten while on their walk. So, in an attempt to figure out what the dog had ingested, the vets deliberately made her sick so that she could throw it all up. What they found was shocking, to say the least. Harris revealed:

She threw up human poo and the vet said there were drugs in it.

Cannabis-infused poop

Now, we’ve heard of children, dogs, and cats, accidentally eating cannabis-infused treats that they found lying around in the house, but this is definitely a first. According to the animal experts, Luna had eaten the poo of a cannabis-user and got high as a result.

Luna is not the first furry victim that has accidentally gotten stoned after eating human excrement. Bentley, a golden retriever, experienced something similar after he ate poo that he found in Ventnor. Although he didn’t have to see the vet, his owner told County Press that his vomit indicated that the poo had traces of marijuana in it. He said:

The stench was awful but there was a very strong smell of marijuana.
Bentley was very lethargic and started stumbling and swaying. He could not stand up and his eyes were very droopy.
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