After Renting a Room on Airbnb, This Couple Made a Horrifying Discovery

A young couple on a journey rented a room off of Airbnb. But as soon as they entered the flat, they made a frightening discovery.

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Holidays can very quickly turn into nightmares. Airbnb tends to be quite a safe website to use and as well as being very easy to navigate, you can find some pretty incredible places to rent! But sometimes, people unfortunately have some disturbing experiences using this website.

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Take this story for example. In an Airbnb flat in Toronto, Canada, this couple made a seriously freaky discovery.

On arrival at their AirbnB, 34-year-old Dougie Hamilton noticed the radio alarm in their bedroom. Something didn’t seem right. He had recently read a Facebook article about hidden cameras. Could the alarm clock be one those cameras? He decided to investigate to see if his suspicion was well-founded.

And he was right! As he removed the cover, he found that there really was a camera. It was pointed directly at the bed and the living room. Realising they were being spied on, Dougie and his girlfriend left the place immediately.

Dougie and his girlfriend got a complete refund from Airbnb and the host was banned from the website. A spokesperson said in an interview: ‘We take protecting the privacy of our users very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for such behaviour.’

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