After Being Lost For Two Years, They Found A Picture Of Their Cat On The Internet

Susan and her husband Bob had been looking for their lost cat, Jimmy, for two whole years. Then Susan accidentally stumbled across a photo from an animal shelter on the internet and she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was a miracle!

Lost For Two Years,
© North Jersey
Lost For Two Years,

In Wanaque, New Jersey, Susan Zelitsky and her husband Bob wanted to find their cat, Jimmy, more than anything. According to USA Today, he had been missing for more than two years. One day, the West Milford animal shelter posted a picture of a cat on its Facebook page that looked surprisingly like Jimmy.

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Reunited after two years

When they got to the shelter to check if Jimmy was the cat in the picture, Susan and Bob couldn’t believe their eyes. They immediately recognized their pet.

After more than two years, they had almost given up hope that they would ever see him again. It turns out social media can be amazing for helping relocate your missing pets.

Finding a lost cat

If you lose a pet, there are several things you can try. Ideally, you want your pet to be chipped so that it can instantly be traced back to its owner. However, there are also more traditional methods such as putting up posters in your neighbourhood and going door to door.

And if that fails, you can always go on social media to look for your pet, start searches and look on animal shelter’s pages to see if anything comes up.

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