NHS: Swarms Of Dangerous Blandford Flies To Strike The UK

Bloodsucking flies that can leave people seriously ill are set to strike the UK this summer. Known as Blandford flies, they have a reputation for being the most irritating pets in the UK. With temperatures set to soar this summer, it’s important that you know what to do if you get bit by one.

It’s already spring and it’s safe to say we’ve already had our fair share of sunshine. But as temperatures continue to rise, the UK is embracing itself for an outbreak of Blandford flies. Set to hit the south of England, these bloodsucking flies are known to have serious effects on their victims.

Blandford flies tend to linger around ponds, rivers and streams and fly relatively low to the ground meaning your legs and ankles are most at risk of being attacked. In the worst cases, these flies have been known to leave their victims with serious swelling around the groin area as well as with blistering scars and a fever.

If you find yourself bitten by one of these flying pests, it’s important you know what to do. The first and perhaps most important thing is don’t itch or scratch the affected area, it can lead to infection which can obviously cause more complications. Second of all you should apply a cold compress to the affected area as well as applying a layer of calamine lotion to cool it down. If the swelling doesn’t go down after a few days and you’re still experiencing discomfort, you should seek medical advice.

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