People aren't the only ones in lockdown as false widow sightings surge in UK homes

Spiders have started to make their way inside UK homes as reports of False Widow sightings are surging.

False Widow Spider
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False Widow Spider

In Australia, it is common practice to check to your shoes before putting them on just in case a nasty creepy-crawly tried to turn it into a home. However, in the UK it was always suspected that spiders couldn't hurt you.

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With the increase of time in our homes some have noticed just how many spiders are lurking in the corners of every room. One spider, in particular, is rather abundant and particularly unwelcome. Social media has lately been swarming with images of false widow spiders making themselves at home.

Experts say that the warm weather is bringing them indoors and as we haven't much else to do we're spotting them more than we usually would. A spokesperson for the British Arachnological Society stated:

We have had a huge increase in sightings of all species associated with the house and garden. False widows are a small proportion of current incoming records but we already know that the species are very widespread and well established across the southern half of Britain.
The overall increase is undoubtedly a direct result of the lockdown. Many more people are at home and making the best of enjoying the company of their local wildlife...Virtually everyone asking us about false widows is reassured to have factual information, and most think the spiders themselves are beautiful.

False widows aren't as dangerous and venomous as black widow spiders but you still won't like it if they bite you. The bite of one of these unwelcome friends is said to be around the same threshold as a wasp or a bee sting. However, nasty infections from the bite could still land you in hospital.

False widows have the reputation of being a dangerous pestbut this title may be misleading as these spiders will only bite if they are trapped against the skin or feeling threatened. Plus, having them inside your home will result in much less annoying pests like flies which will no doubt be making a comeback in the following months.

False widow spiders are overtaking UK and Ireland Homes at alarming rate False widow spiders are overtaking UK and Ireland Homes at alarming rate