He Pulled A String In His Attic And Found An Incredible Priceless Treasure

He Pulled A String In His Attic And Found An Incredible Priceless Treasure

During the Second World War, a man who was forced to abandon his house hid a treasure inside. 70 years later, his son came back for it.

This story would make a great movie. During the Second World War, the Schlattner family, a German family living in the heart of modern-day Czech Republic, was evicted from their home.

A secret that's been stashed away for 70 years

In a hurry, the father decided to gather several objects and hide them, with plans of ​​coming back for them someday. But alas, that day never came; he never got the chance to go back for his belongings. However, he did tell his son about his hidden "treasure". And for 70 years, his son kept it a secret.

No money or jewellery, but still an invaluable treasure

It was only at the age of 83 that Mr Schlattner's son finally returned to the Czech Republic and to his childhood home. As if it was yesterday, he remembered an opening system with a string that he had to pull to reveal the treasure.

Books, old toys, drawing material... these items, which are priceless to the Schlattner family, are now on display in the museum of the city of Ústí nad Labem, as a testament to the history of both this family and the World.

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Take a look at the video above to see more of this incredible discovery... 

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