This Lump On Your Wrist Could Be A Sign Of Hygroma

If you ever start to see a strange lump appearing on your wrist, it’s probably a lot more dangerous than you could even care to imagine. It’s important that if one ever appears you know the symptoms and why they appear.

This Lump On Your Wrist Could Be A Sign Of Hygroma
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Having a ball-like lump growing on your wrist is clearly not normal and not great for your health. It could be signs of a hygroma, a joint inflammation that forms a ball-shaped lump on your wrist. Filled with a liquid called synovium, this liquid allows the joints to move. As well as appearing on humans, hygromas also appear on animals, mainly dogs and are caused by and have the same symptoms as humans.

The symptoms? Symptoms of hygroma can include difficult joint movement when moving your fingers or wrists. The skin around the lump will turn red and could even start to peel off. Tissue irritation will also cause you some pain and discomfort.

If you have any or all of these symptoms, consult your doctor or GP who will be able to define more precisely whether it is or isn’t a hygroma. There are treatments available that can help you with a full recovery. However, leaving hygromas can lead to intense swelling so much so that the stress on the surrounding skin can lead to it becoming an open wound, and therefore more liable to infection.