This 14-Year-Old Boy Had A Tooth Lodged Into His Skull

These medical cases just keep getting weirder and weirder.

The 14-year-old Portuguese teenager's ordeal began at a football match. The boy's head was injured and he was sent to the emergency room with a fever. Doctors found that the patient had a 5-centimeter deep wound on the right side of his head.

Paramedics sutured the wound and sent the boy home. Five days later, the Portuguese boy returned to the emergency room, where doctors cleaned and redressed the wound and gave him a prescription for antibiotics.

Three days later, the young man was once again admitted to the emergency room. The pain from his skull injury had persisted and there was pus coming out of the wound. The doctors, who published the story of this case in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports,treated the infection with antibiotics, then had him scanned. The scan revealed that a tooth was lodged into the teenager's skull.

A "mundane" football accident

Once doctorsremoved the foreign body from the Portuguese teenager's skull, he was discharged. This kind of accident has already happened, France Info reports, citing a case that dates back to 2015.

Queen Victoria Hospital in England received a young boy whose hand was hurting. As it turns out, he had hit his brother in the face during a boxing match and that a piece of tooth got stuck between his pinky and his ring finger.

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