This 90-year-old walked kilometres in the cold to get vaccinated

Fran Goldman, a 90-year-old American woman, pulled her socks up and braved the snow and the cold, walking 6 miles to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

COVID vaccine
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COVID vaccine

While some people are reluctant to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, 90-year-old Fran Goldman was not afraid to face the cold, the snow, and the 6 miles that separated her from the vaccination centre in Seattle.

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Several day’s wait

Fran Goldman had been calling vaccination centres for days and days in the hope of getting an appointment for the first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. She tried everything from the Washington State Department of Health, to local grocery stores with in-store pharmacies. Even her daughter living in Buffalo, New York, and a friend living in Arizona, tried to find a spot for her. All this work then finally paid off.

On Friday, February 19th, she finally got an appointment at the Seattle Children's Hospital. She told the Seattle Times that she had to get her glasses to see if what she was seeing was true.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to get my glasses to see if I was really seeing it.

Braving the elements

Once she got the appointment, she had to prepare herself to face the cold, the snow, and the 6-mile round trip. After donning several layers, snow boots, and grabbing her phone and her walking sticks, she began her journey cautiously, as the elderly woman had recently undergone hip surgery. She confided to the newspaper that this little expedition was not at all pleasant:

It was not easy going, it was challenging.

Despite all the snow on her way, she arrived at the meeting point only 5 minutes late.

This risk will ultimately allow her to see her great-grandchildren, Silas, 6 months old, and Logan, 2 years old.

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