The best time of day to apply deodorant for maximum efficiency

Does the time of day we apply deodorant have an impact on its effectiveness? This is what a dermatologist suggests.

For many people, deodorant is applied in the morning, after taking a nice invigorating shower. Many believe that this is the best way to avoid sweating during the day. But in reality, deodorant should be applied at a completely different time for its effectiveness to be optimised.

When should deodorant be applied?

All our previous beliefs have been shattered because of a dermatologist, who explained that this habit that we have been doing every morning for years, like applying deodorant, is not very effective...

According to this doctor, when one applies an antiperspirant, one would be better off putting it on... at night! Yes, you read that right: just before going to bed.

Why apply deodorant at night?

The reason is simple: at night, the sweat glands are much less active, which means that we sweat less, thanks to our lower body temperature when we sleep. The body temperature can go from 37 degrees to 36.5. This is when deodorant is most effective, as its agents are able to penetrate the glands and prevent perspiration and bad odours.

After your bath or shower, dry your underarms properly with a towel before applying deodorant. Do not apply the product to wet skin as it will not be properly absorbed. It is better to wait until the skin is completely dry so that the antiperspirant can be absorbed.

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