Did A French Supermarket Leak the Price of the PS5 and All Its Accessories?

The cost of the upcoming PS5 remained unknown until French retailer Carrefour messed up and leaked the prices of Sony's next-gen console and accessories.

Secrets are made to be shared, right? Well, tell Sony! The company was quietly taking pre-orders from resellers around the world for its upcoming PS5 when Carrefour spilled the beans on an official page, then scrambled to delete the post!

The price of the entire PS5 bundle revealed

The retail giant doesn't do half-measures. On a pre-order page that was online for just a few minutes, not only did they reveal the price of the PS5, but they also revealed how much the DualSense controller, the HD camera, the 3D audio headset, the remote control, and the charging station cost! A huge mistake amidst growing rumours about the price of the console.

Sony's next-gen bundle will cost you:

  • PS5: £450 (Digital Only Edition at £360)
  • DualSense controller: £45
  • 3D headset: £45

As for the rest, you can check it out on this screenshot from Carrefour's website! Note that these prices don't apply to the solid gold edition...


Did Carrefour also reveal the PS5 release date?

The cherry on top: a release date (although still tentative) was also shared: October 20th. But this isn't news, as Sony had already mentioned it several times, first in a job description, then during a conference call between investors and the brand. The Japanese company had denied wanting to release its console in October, claiming their statements were poorly translated.

Did Carrefour just disclose all of Sony's plans? One thing's for sure, the next-gen is on its way, and manufacturers are already cranking up the marketing in preparation for its arrival! We can't wait to see what games will be coming out...

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