People Are Going Wild Over One Very Rude Detail On These McDonald's Cups

The American fast-food giant launched a promotional campaign for a new line of sodas in Japan. However this release created quite the buzz on the internet…

McDonald's latest release in Japan took a... rather unexpected turn. To promote its new line of sodas called ‘McFizz drinks,’ the American fast food giant put on sale a series of personalised cups that seem rather innocent in appearance. The problem is from a certain angle however, the patterns drawn on the containers become particularly explicit, reported the British media outlet The Independent.

As you can see in our video at the top of the article, two characters are drawn on these plastic glasses: on one side a girl wearing a dress and a hat, on the other a young man. The two characters face each other, and when the cup is empty, the perspective makes the two teenagers look like they're kissing.

A question of perspective

This charming scene created by McDonald's has delighted the most mischievous internet users, who have taken pictures of the cup from an angle suggesting that the young woman is giving quite the treat to the teenager in front of her, and in another position, this time rather giving the impression that the two are having intercourse... Right away much less charming!

So, is this a mistake by McDonald’s' marketing team who didn't think to look at the cup from every angle before releasing it, or was it a deliberate advertising move? We will probably never know…

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