Man Decides To Swallow An Entire Bottle Of Viagara, Doesn't Quite End As Planned

Truly one of the most romantic acts of affection we've read, that's for certain.

Daniel Medforth, probably didn't imagine the outcome of his little adventure with everyone's favourite little blue pill. After an 'eventful' evening (with his mates - no judgement here), the 36-year-old father decided to empty a whole bottle of Viagra within an hour.

But the following morning, he had a rude awakening to say the least: "I got sick, dizzy, and hallucinated, all I saw suddenly became green, and I had a tremendous erection that just didn't want to go away!" he tells The Sun. When Daniel confessed his stupidity to his wife (we'd like to think of it as romantic), she immediately called the ambulance - the 36-year-old then had to be treated at the clinic for almost two days until the symptoms went down.

Confined to his bed, but not in the way he'd hoped

Instead of a passionate night, he was forced to face a hospital staff that surely could barely conceal their laughter: "The doctors were very professional, but you could tell they were trying not to laugh." Even after his release from hospital, the effects of the Viagra didn't immediately go away: 'It wasn’t a permanent erection but every time I brushed against something for five days it sprang into life — and it was no use to me.'

Meanwhile, his wife forgave the would-be romantic. He was fortunate enough to still be alive: an overdose of Viagra can be fatal.

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