Man Blows Up His Backyard In Attempt To Destroy A Cockroach Infestation

One man in Brazil thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the pesky cockroaches invading his garden by dumping gasoline into a hole in his lawn and lighting a match—it didn’t turn out so well.

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Put your hand up if you love cockroaches and other insects meandering through your garden! If you didn’t put your hand up, you may be able to vouch for this Brazilan man who set fire to his lawn in an attempt to get rid of a cockroach infestation:Cesar Schmitz.

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Apparently, his wife is terrified of cockroaches. Cesar explained that “She is scared of them and begged me to destroy their nest under the ground once and for all."

Before he set fire to his lawn, Cesar opted for a tamer option and tried a product made for killing beetles. Unfortunately, the spray motivated the cockroaches to emerge rather than go away.

The failure of his first attempt only prompted Cesar to take drastic measures, and well, blow up his lawn. As a result, not only did his lawn get destroyed, but his garden, too.

But hey, at least Cesar got rid of the cockroaches! All he and his wife have to do now is plant a new garden and grow a new lawn. Anyway, you’re probably wondering if anyone got hurt in the explosion? We’ll let you know in our video above!

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