These Seriously Cheesy Nuggets Coming to Waitrose Have Already Ruined Our Summer Bodies

Well, looks like any hope of looking good in time to hit the beaches when we finally get out of the house is completely gone. Get ready - cheesy nuggets are coming to Waitrose on July 8th. I can feel the chest pains already.

These Seriously Cheesy Nuggets Coming to Waitrose Have Already Ruined Our Summer Bodies
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This should be a no brainer. On one hand, you’ve got the chicken nugget, low-key one of the most satisfying things you could shovel in your mouth. Whether it’s from Maccies or from the freezer at home, they always hit the spot with a bit of sauce.

On the other hand, you’ve got cheese. But not just any cheese - a strong, mature Scottish cheddar that don’t need no man. Specifically, Scottish brand Seriously and their Seriously Strong Cheddar. So mature and strong that it could probably out drink you at the bar and proceed to carry you home after you’ve blacked out.

Now close your eyes… imagine both of them in your mouth at once (pause). Heaven right? Guess what: Seriously has done us a solid and decided to release their version of a chicken nugget which they’ve dubbed a cheese nugget, replacing the meat with oozing cheese goodness. So vegetarian, which obviously means they’re a healthy option right?

A pack of these bad boys will normally run you £3 for a 6 pack… HOWEVER, for a limited time only, you’ll be able to pick them up for just £2. You know, just in case you’re unsure as to whether or not this kind of thing appeals to you. I understand, there are weird people out there.

So get your tent ready (yeah, a bit of an exaggeration I know) to camp outside your local Waitrose or Ocado for opening on July 8th to pick up a pack. These things are going to go quick and you’ll definitely be gutted if you miss out. Know that I could’ve made a ‘cheesed’ pun there, but I chose not to for your sake.