This is What Happens to Your Body if You Drink Soda Every Day

Do you like fizzy drinks? Watch out for the effects if you drink them every day…

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Getting a can of pop from a vending machine or ordering one off the menu when you’re out for lunch may seem pretty harmless but it can be quite dangerous if you do it every day.

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Sugary drinks are dangerous for your health

Harvard University has revealed that drinking one of two cans of soda, fruit juice or energy drink a day considerably increases your risks of premature death, cancer, obesityor strokes. What is especially terrifying to hear is this risk is said to be twice as high for women as it is for men.

In fact, these drinks have lots of calories in them and no actual nutritional value.

What about diet drinks?

Diet drinks that don’t containsugar contain sweetenerssuch as aspartame or sucralose. They are sweeter and so are used in smaller quantities and don’t contain calories or affect your blood glucose levels. However, the risk of developing diabetes is just as high as with ‘normal’ drinks. These products stop you from feeling full as easily and make you want to eat more and more sugary foods. Once again though, this does differ from person to person depending on their metabolism.


To conclude, the dangers associated with sugary drinks lie with how often you drink them rather than the actual product itself. It is better to drink a sugary drink every so often rather than every day. Instead, opt for water, homemade juices or sparkling water.

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