There’s an important reason you should always keep a decent head on your beer

If you fancy yourself a true fan of beer, make sure your pint is on point with these tips!

Too many of us think the perfect pour of a pint consists of keeping the foam down to a minimum and make the mistake of scooping out or getting rid of the head that we deem unnecessary. After all you’re trying to drink the beer, not eat some kind of yeasty mousse right?

That couldn’t be more wrong! The head of a beer has many different purposes that actually improve the drink and make the experience of cracking open a cold one that much more enjoyable.

The great divide

That head on the top of your pint is actually hard at work when it’s sitting on the table. The foam actually acts as a barrier between the air and the drink, preventing oxidisation. When oxidisation occurs, the scents found within the beer actually weaken and can dissipate entirely. A healthy head translates to better aromas and taste.

Healthy head, healthy stomach

That barrier also serves another important use for us: improving our digestion. That’s right: oftentimes, we can begin to experience discomfort in the stomach due to increased ingestion CO2 when drinking beer (especially in large quantities). The head of a beer protects the liquid from taking in all of the CO2, allowing for a better drinking experience. Some also say the head adds an aesthetic quality to thebeer, while also helping while the beer is being transported as it can prevent the liquid from sloshing around too much.

Next time you pour yourself a lager, make sure it’s got just enough of a head on top! You’ll thank us later.

Check out the video above for more!

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