There Are 19 Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries, and Only One Is Potatoes…

You may be thinking, how hard is it to make fries? Apparently, those delicious golden salted sticks of joy you get from McDonald's consist of a lot more than just potatoes, oil and salt. Sadly it seems as though you'll never be able to recreate these savory snacks at home.

With 19 different ingredients that go into McDonald's fries, you'd have to think that they could cut it down to at least 15, right? apparently not, every ingredient plays a role either in flavouring, the cooking process, or preservation of the product. (This is primarily the case for U.S. and Canadian locations of the fast-food chain)

It turns out that a lot of these products, surprise surprise... are extremely unhealthy. Outside of the obvious, potatoes, salt and oil (however 4 different types oils actually used), talk about a diversified flavour, other ingredients include natural beef flavouring, sodium acid, citric acid, hydrolyzed wheat and milk.

Dextrose is another ingredient included in the production of those delicious McDonald's fries. It is a form of sugar added to the fries because of the way that they are cooked. The method used tends to remove any of the natural sugars found in the potatoes which aids to the light golden colouring the fries have become so known for.

TBHQ, is another ingredient included in the world-famous McDonald's fries, otherwise known as tertiary butylhydroquinone. Granted it is a common product found it any preserved foods that aids to extend the life of a product. Be warned though, high doses of TBHQ can lead to some very unfortunate side effects such as vision impairment. Luckily the amount used in foods is strongly regulated to ensure products are within a safe to consume limit. Just try to avoid starting any McDonald's fry diet anytime soon.

The ingredient's in McDonald's fries actually vary from country to country, which us good news for UK vegans who love McDonald's fries as in the UK the fries are NOT made with the natrual beef flavouring or hydrolyzed milk found in their U.S. counterparts.

However, if you're in the US or planning travel there, be wiery!

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