Nandos Fans Fuming As Four Popular Menu Items Are Removed

Nandos fans have been left fuming after everyone's favourite chicken restaurant announced that several of their most popular menu items will no longer be available in their restaurants. Has your go-to Nandos meal been axed?

If there's one thing that can bring the country together, it's Nandos. Now even offering vegetarian and vegan dishes, the Peri-Peri chicken restaurant truly has something for everyone - and most of us have our perfect Nandos order down to a T.

However, the chain have just announced that several of their mains and sides will be disappearing from menus as they make way for new seasonal specials. Whilst we're all on board for the new stuff, many have been left devastated that their favourites have been axed.

Among the menu items that have been removed are the fillet steak and chargrilled vegetable pitta and wrap, leaving diners with one less non-chicken option on the menu. You'll also no longer be able to get feta cheese as a side.

In a very controversial move, Nandos have also got rid of the sweet potato mash and sweet potato and butternut squash side orders. In return, Nandos have promised that we'll be getting new seasonal sides that will change up every few months.

The Mango and Lime spice level has also gone - so for those who don't like it too hot, you'll now have the choice between Lemon and Herb or Mango and Passionfruit - which, to be fair, does sound amazing. There's also good news for vegans, as they'll now be able to get vegan Perinaise.

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