Human Waste Has Been Found After Analysis in Several McDonald’s Restaurants

Be careful if you read this article in the queue at a McDonald's restaurant, you may well turn around in disgust.

The Department of Microbiology at the London Metropolitan University conducted a survey at eight McDonald's restaurants in London and Birmingham. Its purpose? To test the cleanliness of the restaurants.

And the researchers were not disappointed. Indeed, they found faecal matter on the touch screens that customers use to place their orders!

'We were all surprised at the amount of intestinal and faecal bacteria present on the machines. These bacteria cause the type of infections that people get in hospitals,' explained Paul Matawele, one of the specialists.

Not really reassuring, but not necessarily surprising: this is the result of the lack of hygiene of the customers. Worse, those who touch the screens usually do not go wash their hands directly after ordering.

However, the simple act of going to wash one's hands would prevent the risk of catching staphylococcus. So a piece of advice: go and wash your hands after ordering on the Maccies terminals! For its part, the firm has assured the Metro newspaper that the screens are cleaned regularly and that all restaurants offer customers the opportunity to wash their hands.

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